Dermatologist Training

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating illnesses and problems of the skin. A dermatologist can treat conditions of the skin like acne and provide treatment in the event of facial scarring. The training of a dermatologist which is a Greek work meaning the study of skin includes the same training that a physician or medical doctor takes to get qualified as an M.D. Therefore, a dermatologist is an M.D. with a specialty in disorders of the skin.

A dermatologist can be used when disease like herpes manifest on the skin. Other diseases that are treated by dermatologists are skin cancer and acne. Allergies that are visible on the skin like rashes, hives and psoriasis are also in the province of a dermatologists training and expertise in treatment. The modern dermatologist can also have training in such skin repair treatments as Botox cosmetics and laser. While mole removal and age spot treatments are still an important part of the treatments offered by a dermatologist, cosmetic treatments are now provided by dermatologists who have taken special training in cosmetic treatments like removing of facial scars, tattoos, skin lesions, hair and age spots.

The dermatologist you visit can diagnose and treat medical conditions that have erupted onto the skin. He can also offer cosmetic services like Botox injections and laser treatments to remove on the skin growths like warts. A dermatologist is also trained in treating skin cancers both medically and cosmetically. Finding a dermatologist Chicago IL who has training in all areas of the skin is simple. A dermatologist who provides laser treatments and botox along with medical treatment of skin eruptions and lesions will have his area of specialty and services rendered clearly stated in his advertisement for his professional services in dermatologist Chicago IL.